Grocery Costs across Various US States

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Last Updated on December 8, 2023

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Food is an important part of our lifestyle and therefore grocery expenditure can influence our budget in many ways. Today, many people spend a lot more on groceries than ever before because of the economic changes and inflation that have led to price rises. As per the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service data consumers, businesses and government entities spent $1.77 trillion on food and beverage. In 2021, the grocery food store prices went up by 3.5 percent compared to the 2020 numbers. Hence, you can see that the grocery cost can influence the regular home budget and daily spending. 

However, various states in the United States of America have different ways to tackle inflation and curtail escalating food prices and therefore the cost of groceries by state differs. Hence, you need to focus on how you can manage your budget and let’s take a quick look at some of the states where people spend more on groceries in the United States of America.


Hawaii is a paradise for those who love natural landscapes and beaches and beautiful sunsets. However, the cost of living in paradise can influence your budget. This is because the cost of groceries in Hawaii is among the highest of all states in the US. Although, the average salary in Hawaii is higher than the average salary in the US the residents here have to pay more for the groceries they buy. Hence, the average Hawaii residents end up spending more than 10 percent of their total income on groceries. 


While inflation in the United States has been surging many states are unable to manage their cost. Mississippi is among the top states where residents have to spend more on groceries. On average the food in the United States today is around 8 percent more expensive than it was a year ago. As per the Economic Policy Institute research, the average food cost in Mississippi for a family of four would cost $9,350. This brings the total grocery spending to an average of 9.9 percent.


Among the lowest states in the United States is Kentucky which has an average grocery spending of 9.8 percent. This means that many families here would have to spend more on their groceries than before. Also, in some cases, the families would look out for government assistance to ensure that they can manage their food costs and manage their daily lifestyle. In terms of income, Kentucky also has low-income numbers which makes it hard for the residents to manage their budgets. 


Maine has always been one of the best places where you can find some good food. However, with the surging inflation, things have spiralled out of control for most Maine residents. As per the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Mainers today spend 34 percent more to buy their groceries and put food on the table. One of the reasons more New England states have to pay more for groceries is because the food processing is done outside the US region. 


When it comes to grocery bills, Kansas residents are also among the ones that pay a higher price for their groceries. This has certainly led to some changes in the way people eat outside and the meals they prefer. Many residents have switched to chicken from steak with the current food prices escalating more quickly than ever before. On average, the grocery spending of the total budget is 9.5 percent. This is an 11 percent jump as compared to the grocery prices in 2020. This has also led to a price rise in the meal delivery services here.

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