How to Get Lean: 7 Tips to Burn Stubborn Fat Fast 2022

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022

People are always on the lookout for ways on how to get lean and stay that way. This is possible for someone who has been battling excess weight for a while now it is time to lose it all. 

People are always on the lookout for ways on how to get lean and stay that way. This is possible for someone who has been battling excess weight for a while now it is time to lose it all. 

So, what would you do to burn body fat and gain lean muscle? That is the question in the mind of many people who desire better muscle mass. This guide focuses more on how you can lose weight, gain a fit body, and maintain it that way for a long time. 

How to Get Lean Fast

A number of things can go into getting lean, however, which ones work? Are they safe? We discuss the top methods to use to get a lean body and remain healthy too. 


It will be hard for you to have lean muscle mass and lose weight if you cannot change your diet. It all begins with what you eat. 

Start by focusing more on lean protein rather than consuming too many carbs. Protein helps with keeping you full and also minimizing the number of calories you eat. is a good source to refer to when you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. It recommends you also focus more on foods with more fiber. Increased fiber intake means better bowel movement and fewer hunger pangs.

Also, keep the portions small. You need the body to be at a calorie deficit to encourage fat burning to better weight loss.


You also need to consider having an exercise plan for you to lose weight in addition to healthy eating habits. Consider aerobic exercise and lifting weights as a way of burning excess fat thus reducing body fat percentage. You can also build daily resistance with an under desk bike.

Most experts recommend an exercise program that has high-intensity workouts so that you can lose weight better and achieve a lean physique. You do not have to work out daily but keep it consistent to improve your body composition. 


Cardio exercises, resistance training, and healthy foods can be a good way of losing weight and having a healthy body. However, you need to have more hours from when you eat and refeed again. That is where fasting comes in. 

For weight loss to be consistent, make sure that you practice intermittent fasting too. It can be feeding on healthy foods after 18 hours or more of fasting. You can get some people opting for just one meal a day, which can definitely help them lose more weight. 


Other than sticking to a healthy diet, healthy food, aerobic exercises, and healthy fats, drinking more water is necessary. A few studies show how water can be a good healthy routine to lose fat as it boosts metabolism. 

The best part about water is that it will not have any calories added to your diet. Those who drink more water per day also end up feeling full faster when they start to eat. 

Use Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics can also be important for the entire body. There is enough evidence showing how probiotics help regulate appetite. The same can also help regulate fat cell formation. As a result, you do not have to eat more often thus keeping the body at a calorie deficit.

Blanca Garcia, RDN writes about how different types of probiotics would help in body composition improvement. Some of the foods rich in probiotics for you to try include miso, kombucha, kimchi, yogurt, sourdough bread, and more. 

Get Enough Sleep

You might not believe it but you can still burn fat or keep the body from making more when you have enough sleep.

A 2015 review shows how short sleep duration would lead to a larger waistline. An increase in waistline also means that you have accumulated more fat. This is because deprivation of sleep leads to the rise of hunger. This means someone has to eat a lot more. So, if you still want to know how to get lean and cut, consider having enough rest too. 

Cut Sugary and Refined Foods

It is possible that you enjoy sugary and refined carbs. That has to end right now if you have hopes of losing fat. So, other than weight lighting for gaining muscle and a toned body, consider eating more healthy carbs such as brown rice and you will see a difference.

In case you have been taking a lot of alcohol, consider cutting back too. This is especially for beer which tends to increase the number of calories in the body translating into obesity and weight gain. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Using the right exercise program to increase fat burning can help a lot with weight loss. However, people often make simple mistakes that would make it hard for them to continue burning calories and losing weight altogether. Here are some of the mistakes people make;

  • Focusing so much on the scale. It is possible for weight to fluctuate throughout the weight loss journey. Focusing so much on the scale would make you think there is no progress. 
  • As much as you want to lose weight, focus more on eating healthy. Some people might try to starve themselves and when they eat, they end up eating too many calories. So, focus more on eating nutritious foods while watching your portions. 
  • Weight lifting is also important for losing weight. However, you should not overdo it. This would mean that the body is now stressed and thus reducing how much weight you lose. 
  • Not having enough protein is not good for weight loss. When you eat enough protein, you can now have better muscle mass as you lose weight, and you feel full faster and for longer, among other benefits. 
  • Low fiber is another common mistake. Ensure that you get enough fiber in your diet to end up with improved bowel movement, satiety, and fewer calories. 


Getting lean should not be hard if you improve your protein intake, watch your calorie intake, workout more often, sleep better, among other tips mentioned above. Of course, you should also set realistic weight loss goals even if you want a lean look. Take more progress pictures as they will help you see how far you have come and more reasons to continue. 

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