Is it Ok to go to a Sauna after Eating?

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Last Updated on January 18, 2024

A sauna will give you many health benefits as you relax, but can you go into that room after eating? It’s one of the safety issues that trouble many sauna users.

A sauna will give you many health benefits as you relax, but can you go into that room after eating? It’s one of the safety issues that trouble many sauna users.

But not to worry anymore. Here, we’ll answer your question, is it ok to go to a sauna after eating?

Most people can access a sauna. It won’t matter if it’s in the gym, spa, at their homes or a sauna outdoor. They use it to reduce weight and toxin levels in their bodies.

So, let’s find if eating before using a sauna will give these excellent results. We’ll begin with a straight answer.

Is it Safe to go to a Sauna after Eating?

Well, it’s safe to go to a sauna after eating but not straight away. Yes, after knowing the benefits you’d get after using this room, you will want to jump straight into it.

You can eat a heavy meal and wait for some time before you to a sauna. But before you know how long you can wait after eating before going into a sauna, let’s look at how saunas can affect your metabolism.

Effects of a Sauna on Your Metabolism

Once the food gets into your gut, the body uses more energy to break it down. The aim is to get more nutrients. It’s from this point that metabolism starts.

Your body now pushes more blood to the gut. Now picture this situation when you are in a sauna. Here, your body isn’t getting nutrients but trying to keep you well through sweating.

Expect your heartbeat rates to increase. Then, you’ll start sweating a lot. So, if you go in the sauna with food in your belly, you’ll be telling your body to do two heavy tasks at a go.

How Long Should You Wait After Taking a Meal?

It’s good to wait for around two to three hours before you use the room. This time is enough for food to pass through your intestines and stomach.

Yes, the digestion of a heavy meal takes more than three hours. But the two to three hours can help your belly focus more on digestion.

So, if you eat, make sure it’s a very light meal or a snack. You’ll avoid health issues in the sauna. Remember, your body should have enough carbs to burn.

The larger the meal, the more time you’ll have to wait before getting to the sauna. Also, know that the digestion period won’t be the same for everyone’s body. But don’t wait for so many hours; you might have nothing left on your stomach.

It would also be best if you didn’t get in there while you were hungry. You might be going into a slow death.

Ensure that you are neither hungry nor full before going into a sauna. Read on to see what can happen if you eat before going to a sauna.

What Will Happen to You if You Eat Before Going in a Sauna?

It’s safe to understand why you should never eat a heavy meal before going into a sauna. Here’s what will happen to your body if you go in there with a full belly.

You’ll Feel Uncomfortable

Spending your time in a sauna is like going into a gym. The aim is to make your body burn calories. Remember, as your body burns calories, it uses up energy.

As your body digests food, it also uses more energy. So, your brain and body will be confused about where to use the power. It means that you won’t have peace with your body.

You’ll have Blood Problems

While in the sauna, you are going to sweat a lot. But if you go in there with much food for your stomach to digest, it will affect your normal blood flow.

The time your body uses energy to digest more food will also direct blood flow into the gut. Well, it’s because your body needs to take in more nutrients from food.

But as it’s doing that while you are in the sauna, you’ll have problems with your blood flow. Your body will be heating up, so the brain will strive to make you relaxed.

Remember, it will be hard to bring the cooling effect if the body is digesting food. So, less blood will go into the brain.

The result will make you faint while in the sauna. Don’t forget that it will be dangerous if you lose consciousness while in the sauna, especially when alone. Also, the long-term effects on your blood health can be harmful.

You should also not have a heavy meal before you use a sauna blanket. Your body will go through the same health problems.

What Will Happen if You Go in a Sauna while Hungry?

Let’s look at the opposite of the situation. Will you have any harmful effects if you go to a sauna when you are hungry?

Heart Problems

When you go in that sauna while hungry, your body will need more calories. Remember, the main aim of a sauna is to burn the excess calories in your body. But when there are no calories, your heart will have problems.

So, you’ll have to take more water because of the few calories burning in the body. As you drink more water, the heart rate increases.

Remember, a sauna can help improve your heart and blood system when you have more energy in the body. The blood vessels, including those in the heart, will increase in size.

Cases like colds and hypertension will now reduce. It’s because the heat in the sauna will train them to be tough. But it will be safe to the heart if you go to the sauna when you aren’t feeling hungry.

If you also cover yourself in a Sauna while you are hungry every moment, you will have some irregular heartbeat issues. It’s because when the heartbeat is high, so many calories will be going down.

You’ll have a Weak Body

As you keep going to the sauna on an empty belly every time, with time, you’ll become weak. The moment you go in there, your body has kept the little energy left to help break down the calories.

But if you burn all calories, you might have nothing left. Also, you’ll start losing proteins in your body. Well, it’s because the body will turn them into energy.

Sometimes, you can break down. It’s like when someone does some heavy work when the body doesn’t have the power to do the activity.

So, what will be the outcome? Your head will become light because of too much sweating and loss of energy.

These two reasons explain why you should take food some hours before going into the sauna. Otherwise, you’ll be doing more harm than good to yourself.


If you eat a huge meal before going to a sauna, then be prepared to lose a lot of fluids in the body. Yes, the main aim of a sauna is to make you lose fluids through sweating. But too much of it can harm you.

Before thinking of a sauna, take the matter of dehydration seriously. If you lose too much water in the body, you develop many health issues.

Some are kidney problems, shock, blood pressure, fainting, and seizures, among others. Also, you can get into a coma.

What to Eat Before Going in a Sauna?

You’ve now known if it’s safe for you to go in a sauna after eating or not. Well, it’s also good to know the foods that you should eat 3 hours before going to a sauna. So, here is what you should eat or drink before you think of going to a sauna.

More Fluids

Two to three hours before you go into a sauna, take in more fluids. It will save you from the possible problems of dehydration.

Drinking water can indeed be boring. But there comes a time when your body will need more water to refresh yourself while in the sauna.

Also, drinking some fruit juice will help you. Celery juice will give you vitamins C and K. In the sauna, the juice will improve your mood, and you’ll gain more health benefits.

Light Snacks

Around thirty minutes or more before you go into a sauna, you can eat light snacks like fruits and nuts. These small foods will give your stomach some energy to keep you through the sauna session.

Balanced Diet

Taking a heavy balanced diet will help you a lot. But it would help if you did it some hours before coming to the sauna. Be sure that your heat shock proteins will work well in your body after the sauna session.

Remember, it’s not ok to drink alcohol or take any drugs before coming into the sauna. The steam will mess up your body together with these elements.


As you plan to enjoy the sauna’s steam at your home, in a spa, or at the gym, know that you can eat before going in there. If it’s a heavy meal, take it a few hours before going to the sauna.

But if you eat a heavy meal and go in there straight away, you’ll give your body too much to do. The result will affect your heart and brain.

Going to a sauna when feeling hungry will also do you more harm than good. You’ll lose more body fluids and can bring problems to your heart.

So, have you been eating before going to a sauna? What amount of food do you eat before going in there? Please feel free to share with us.

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