Why You Should Cook and Eat Outside This Summer

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Last Updated on January 10, 2023

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Eating outdoors often gives a sense of something special.  Not only that but cooking outdoors also saves on the washing up too! There is nothing better than the smell and sounds of food cooking on the grill, or creating a delicious outdoor pizza recipe from Pizza Oven Pros, using the best Ooni Pizza Oven in the summer. It is those small pleasures that can add so much to our experience. To help you enjoy cooking and eating outdoors this summer below are some of the reasons to do it more this summer but also you can read about some of the benefits of cooking and eating outdoors too. From breakfast to dinner, cooking and eating outdoors is a wonderful experience.

Cooking and Eating Outdoors Becomes a Social Event

Cooking outdoors often gets the whole family involved, it becomes less of a chore and more of a fun event. The excitement of eating outdoors gets everyone helping, putting on music too turns it from a normal dinner to a very special one, a time when the whole family can gather and chat while preparing the meal. Remember to give everyone a job to do, so they can feel part of the experience.

Cooking and Eating Outdoors Saves on Cleaning the House

If your home is a bit of a mess but you’d still like to invite guests over then cooking and eating outdoors is the way to go! Whether it’s just for a catch-up or if you are hosting a get-together, using your outdoor space is the ideal solution if you don’t have time to clean the house.  

Cooking and Eating Outside Keeps you Cool

This is especially helpful if you don’t have air conditioning. 

Cooking and eating outdoors will keep you cool. It’s certainly more preferable than cooking inside where the temperatures could make you all hot and bothered. Even if you do cook inside, you can go outside to eat where you can cool down and relax. 

Cooking and Eating Outside Saves Cleaning the 

The mess in the kitchen can be substantial if you are having guests. Grilling outside is a great way to keep the mess in your kitchen to a minimum. Check out this post on BBQ tips and tricks to make the most of grilling for family and friends to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Prepare Your Meals in Advance

When eating and cooking outside, preparing your meals in advance will ensure everything runs smoothly. You can chop and prepare meals a few hours in advance ready for when your guests arrive, for example, this burger recipe is an ideal one to prepare in advance. Just make sure to keep the meat cool in a yeti cooler.  

Eating outdoors works for Breakfast and Lunch

You don’t have to always cook outdoors to eat outdoors. If the weather permits, eating your breakfast and lunch outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air. Just sitting outside in the warm weather and taking the time to sip a cup of coffee or have a salad for lunch is great to break up your day and recharge your batteries. 

Everyone Loves a BBQ

Grilling is something that everyone loves. Even if you have vegan guests you can still grill vegetables and people will love them. There is something magical about grilling food outdoors, the smell is delicious and people can choose what they want to eat so it’s relatively fuss-free too. 

Grilling Outside Can Be Quick

Most things cook pretty quickly on the BBQ, from burgers to vegetables, they don’t often take much time. Marinating overnight will help with the flavor and make things easy for you when prepared in advance.  

Cooking and Eating Outdoors Can Improve Your Health

Eating outdoors has many benefits including improving your mental health. Being out in the fresh air allows you to feel more relaxed, it improves your mood and if you are preparing the meal with family, it helps with staying connected with family members who are all pulling in the one direction to get the meal ready.

Cooking and Eating Outdoors at the Weekend

Preparing a meal outdoors at the weekend makes it feel extra special. This is especially true if you’re no longer going on vacation this year. Cooking and eating outdoors adds a special touch to the weekend, and if you have children then allowing them to run around after eating outdoors means they are having fun and not looking at their screens – it’s certainly a win-win situation!

Cooking and Eating Outdoors Allows You to Cater for Larger Groups

No matter the size of your home, cooking and eating outdoors allows you to cater to larger groups without having to worry about the space in your home. Outdoor spaces can easily hold more people and people will feel more comfortable being outdoors and having the opportunity to move around freely. It’s a great opportunity for people to get to know each other and engage with one another. 

Eating Food Outside Tastes Better

No matter the science behind it, eating food outdoors always tastes so much better. It could be the fresh air or the more relaxed atmosphere but eating outdoors just feels and tastes fantastic. So there’s no better reason to start cooking and eating outdoors this summer! 

Being Outside is Soothing

As well as the food tasting better, being outside has amazing effects on people. Above we have talked about the mental health benefits, there are also physical benefits too as research has shown that being outside can help to lower blood pressure and keep your heart rate under control. Not to mention that being in the fresh air can help you have a better night’s sleep. There are so many amazing benefits to cooking and eating outside. It is so rewarding cooking and eating outside, so why not give it a go this summer?


Cooking and eating outside have so many benefits, and the experience is so enjoyable. Why not give it a go this summer or indeed make it a regular event in your home? Finding ways of enjoying cooking and eating together as a family can be a challenge but heading outdoors to do it can provide so many amazing benefits.

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