50 Paleo Mother’s Day Recipes

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Last Updated on May 5, 2015

50 paleo mother's day recipes

Mother’s day is a day where we can step back and reflect on those in our lives who have provided a maternal presence. Whether you are celebrating the wives, mothers, grandmothers, or aunts in your life, they all deserve to feel special on this glorious day. Here are 50 Paleo Mother’s Day recipes that are sure to show the women in your life how much you care.

strawberry Spritzer



1.] Strawberry Spritzer

2.] Coconut Chai Spitzer

3.] Hibicus Strawberry Iced Tea Cooler

4.] Banana Nut Butter Frappe


strawberry shortcake bread


5.] Paleo Power Breakfast

6.] Sunday Breakfast Casserole

7.] Paleo Apple, Bacon, Swiss Chard Fritata

8.] Scrambled Eggs with Chives and Goat Cheese

9.] Spinach and Egg Muffins

10.] Home-made Maple Apple Chicken Sausages

11.] Chocolate Banana Crepes

12.] Caramelized Apple Dutch Baby

13.] Paleo Chocolate Waffles

14.] Blueberry Lemon Scones

15.] Orange Cardamom Breakfast Scone-witches

16.] Paleo Coconut Blueberry Oatmeal

17.] Strawberry Coffee Cake

18.] Paleo Coffee Cake Muffins

19.] Blueberry Cream Crumb Cake

20.] Lemon Berry Skillet Cake


{Main Dishes}:

21.] Broccoli Cheese Quiche

22.] Crustless Quiche with Kale, Zucchini, and Garlic

23.] Tender Slow Cooker Roast

24.] Cajun Curry Meatballs

25.] Honey Garlic Chicken Tenders

26.] Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

27.] Thai Basil Chicken

28.] Creamy Eggplant Chicken with Zucchini Noodles

29.] Pork Tenderloin Stuffed With Sausage and Spinach

30.] Easy Pork Chops with Three Ingredient Marinade

31.] Salmon Stuffed with Shrimp and Spinach

32.] Garlic and Dill Baked Flounder

green bean casserole

{Side Dishes}:

33.] Honeyed Sweet Potato Bravas

34.] The Best Green Bean Casserole


35.] Paleo Vanilla Custard

36.] I Go Bananas for Lemon Bars

37.] Paleo Bananas Foster

38.] Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding

39.] Banana Nut Butter Pudding

40.] Not So Big Berry Cobbler

41.] Cherry Berry Cobbler

42.] Cinnamon Coconut Custard Cake

43.] Flourless Chocolate Cake

44.] Strawberry Basil Cupcakes

45.] White Chocolate Strawberry Cups

46.] Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream

47.] Double Dark Chocolate Mint Raw Bites

48.] Cardamom Pistachio Truffles

49.] Chocolate Mousse Brownies

50.] Paleo Chocolate Ravioli

I hope these recipes inspire joy, love, and creativity in you on this Mother’s Day as we honor and cherish the women we love most in the world. Enjoy!

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