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Last Updated on August 9, 2021

Looking for new AIP Breakfast Recipes? Here are 20 autoimmune diet recipes that will help you start your morning off on the right foot.

20 aip breakfast recipes

As everybody knows, breakfast is the most important part of the day.  Breakfast is one of the hardest meals on the Paleo Autoimmune, aka AIP Diet.

After removing all restricted foods, you soon realize that humble meal of eggs and toast are now a far away dream.

At first, this is a bit of a shock.  You think “Wait, what the heck and I going to eat for breakfast?” but then, if you have a bit of adventure within you, you start to see that anything an be a dish you dive into first thing in the morning.

Below are several AIP breakfast recipes from pancakes to oatmeal for your morning pick me-up, to make the most part of your morning.

Recommended AIP Cookbooks

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AIP Breakfast Hash

Fire up the skillet to make the perfect AIP Hash recipes that use butternut squash and sweet potato

Who can resist flap-jacks or the perfect AIP biscuit covered in honey or homemade freezer blackberry jam for breakfast? Not me.

AIP Pancakes, Biscuits, and Waffles

No one can resist a good AIP Biscuit, Waffle or Pancake!

Quality protein in a must on the AIP Diet (I highly recommend this company) and sausage is a dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

AIP Breakfast Sausage and Sliders

Get your AIP Protein on with these healthy recipes

No one can resist AIP Cereal for breakfast! It stores will and is just quick and easy for those mornings you have to get up and go. Grab recipes for AIP granola, cereal and oatmeal below.

AIP Cereal, ,Granola, and Oatmeal

Everyone and I mean everyone loves AIP Cereal foods. Here are some AIP granola, cereal and oatmeal to try

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