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Last Updated on January 29, 2021

Are you ready to learn how to freeze peaches? This is such a simple way to make frozen peaches with minimal time and effort on your part!

You can do this recipe with sliced peaches, ripe peaches, and all different types and varieties of peaches as well. (and once you’re you’ll have so many reasons to use frozen peaches in all of your future fruit recipes!)

Fresh peaches on a plate for the tutorial on  How to Freeze Peaches

Minimal prep time with major flavors and taste!

First off, this should have been titled “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Freezing Peaches”. I seriously hate doing cooking tasks that take longer than 30 minutes so my goal is to get 20 lbs of peaches in the freezer in an hour. If you’re looking for a tutorial where you get perfectly frozen peach slices that don’t clump together, this is the wrong tutorial for you.

Before, I had blanched the peaches and removed the skin before freezing. However, this changed several years ago when I bought frozen peaches from my Food Club in the middle of winter and paid, like $5/lb for the dang things and they had SKINS on them. What? Yeah. I learned from that and now leave the skins on them.

But truth be told, with a bit of research you’ll find out that there are so many ways to freeze peaches easily.


Washed Peaches in a  large pan in this tutorial on How to Freeze Peaches

Do you have to blanch peaches before freezing?

You don’t have to but it’s a great practice to do so. This is a popular way to freeze peaches for sure.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and then add in the fruit. (make sure that you make a paring knife cut on the outside skin of the peaches) Let them boil for 40 seconds or so and then use a slotted spoon and pull out the peaches. Add them to an ice water bath and leave them for about one minute or so.

These simple steps will help to peel the peaches in less than 5 minutes. Talk about a super simple way to peel peach skins using an ice bath! Who knew that boiling water and ice water could peel this fruit easily!

Learn how to freeze peaches

These are the tips that I take to freeze fresh peaches. You’ll find that when it comes to peaches, there are a lot of different options out there on how to get frozen peaches fast. When it’s peach season, these tips can help you freeze peaches fast.

Fresh peaches in a colander in this tutorial on How to Freeze Peaches

How do you prepare peaches for freezing?

Step #1 – You can keep your peaches in their produce box or place them in a large pan next to your sink.

Then wash those babies. These were the fuzziest peaches I have ever seen. I had to rinse each one for a good minute to get them smooth.

Slices peaches in the large bowl in a the in sink in this tutorial on How to Freeze Peaches

Now the fun part, slicing them up. There were some gnarly soft and bruised spots that I cut around. If you want, you can spritz some lemon juice on before you add them to the bag. This will help keep them from turning brown (I don’t do this – remember this is The Lazy Person’s Guide to Freezing Peaches).

Fresh peaches in a zip lock freezer bag in this tutorial on How to Freeze Peaches

How do you store peaches in the freezer?

I put my peaches in a gallon-sized freezer bag and fill them halfway and then lay them flat. Push the fruit flat also and try to get out as much air as possible.

Set the bags in your freezer (not on top of each other – they will be a bear to break apart when frozen solid). The peaches will tend to clump to each other so you can try checking on them 1 to 2 hours after they’ve been in the freezer to break them up before they completely freeze. Another way around this is to freeze them in smaller bags.

How to Freeze Peaches

Freezing Peaches for Winter

Voila! Frozen peaches to enjoy during winter! Did I mention that this might be the easiest way to learn how to freeze peaches? While I love eating fresh peaches, I’m all about freezing peaches for later.

This means that I’ll be able to freeze fresh peaches and enjoy them anytime that I want throughout the year.

How do you keep peaches from turning brown when frozen?

To stop getting brown spots on your frozen peaches, you’ll need to make certain that you remove as much air as possible when you’re putting them in the bag. Just press around to get the air from the bag and take your time doing so.

You also need to add some sugar and lemon juice to each freezer bag as well. These two additions will help to address the worry to help prevent browning and brown spots show up on your fresh peach slices.

Can you freeze fresh peaches with the skin on them?

You bet. If you’re wanting to save on your overall total time, leave the skin on your peach slices before you freeze them. Peach skins can easily be frozen and won’t change the flavor at all.

How do you freeze peaches in a Ziplock bag?

As long as your using a freezer bag, you shouldn’t have any issues of freezer burn when you’re making frozen peaches.

The directions above will walk you through how to freeze peaches and show you that it’s a super simple process to do.

How can you use frozen peaches?

Once you freeze peaches, you might be wondering how to use them. Luckily, peaches are so versatile and easy to use in so many recipes. Meal plan and write out a great list of recipes to use!

Some food recipes to add to your meal plan are smoothies, ice cream, thawing out the peach slices for pies, yogurt toppings, and more.

How long will peaches last in the freezer?

As long as you freeze peaches correctly, your peach slices should last for 8-10 months in the freezer. You’ll want to freeze until solid and have them lying flat as possible in your freezer to avoid taking up a ton of space.

I always like to write the date on the outside of my freezer bags so that I’m aware of when I put them in. This helps me know how long they’re good for and when I need to use them.

When is peach season?

Check with the local peach orchards in your area to see when their peach season is. You can take the family and go pick your own or just buy them at the store and freeze those peaches for later. The kids are going to love to learn how to freeze peaches as well so be certain that you teach them the process as well.

Now that you learn how to freeze peaches, there’s no reason that you even have to wait for peaches to be ripe and ready. Just buy the peaches at the store when they go on sale and freeze them to be able to use later! This is a simple way to have a peach recipe ready to go at any point in time!

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  1. Nice! I am planning on buying a 30lb case of peaches from the farmers market tomorrow…. the plan is to freeze some and dry the rest.
    I usually freeze fruit in cup sized portions as we most often use it in smoothies and this quantity works best.
    And I don’t slice my peaches – I take the stones out and then roughly chop them in the food processor… even quicker!

  2. I’m even lazier when it comes to freezing peaches…I just freeze them whole on a tray and then bag when frozen. I don’t bother washing them either. Just set them stem end down on the tray so they don’t roll around. When you are ready to use, just rinse under running water and the skins slip off. You can then slice or chop or blend as desired. Easy peasy.