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Last Updated on October 7, 2012



While I don’t ever crave bread, I do miss the softness of it.   The sensation of my teeth sinking into a warm piece of bread is one of my favorite food memories.  I have been Paleo for 3 years and I have tried and tried to come up with a recipe that is close to the same texture of a grain based bread and I have not been able to achieve it.    I have created lighter and tastier versions of the rock hard miseries of my first attempts but still, not there yet.    I wanted to share some tasty Paleo bread creations that  will help satisfy your craving for “bread”:


Paleo Bread

Monday – Paleo Cornbread

Tuesday – Mr. Peanut Bread, Almond Style
Wednesday –Red Bread
Thursday – Flax-meal Toast
Friday – Carrot Pulp Bread
Saturday –grain-free sandwich bread (paleo and scd)
Sunday – Primal Sandwich Bread 2.0

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