Paleo Wraps

paleo tortilla wraps

I finally broke down and realized that you need eggs to make Paleo wraps.  The thing is, I really hate using a lot of eggs in my recipes.  One, we already go through 2 dozen eggs a week, not including my baking.  Two, I hate eggy tasting foods.

After working on this for a month, I finally got the egg count down to four ( one egg will only use the egg white)  and, in my opinion, they taste pretty darn good.  Again, I broke out my new favorite ingredient, sesame seeds.   They really give the wrap a lot of depth and flavor, and they would pair really well with hummus or curries.   I was almost tempted to call this naan or pitta because the flavor is so similar.   However, it goes really well with anything you want to wrap up –  or goodness, I didn’t even think about it, but this would be an amazing Quesadilla!


paleo tortilla wraps

The texture of the wrap really reminds me of a flour tortilla and wow, is it foldable.   These freeze and reheat really well so you can make a bigger batch and freeze some for later.

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Paleo Wraps
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3
  1. Place a medium skillet over medium heat and grease your pan with the coconut oil.
  2. In a mixing bowl add the ingredients and whisk for one minute.
  3. Pour out a 5" circle into your pan and cook for 3 to 4 minutes until browned.
  4. Flip and brown the other side.
  5. Remove from the pan and repeat.
  6. Tip: Re-whisk the batter before you pour a new wrap.
  7. Enjoy!


paleo tortilla wraps

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  1. Linda Majewski says

    Kelly you really nailed this recipe, they are awesome. My grandson Will is high functioning autistic, he is on a gluten dairy free diet for bowel issues. Since he has eaten this way the change in him is unbelievable. My daughter Michele is trying a paleo diet with great success, I made these for them to try, they loved the, the smile on Wills face was priceless. I am going to try them today as a base for breakfast quiches. Will let you know how they go. You are an inspiration, keep the recipes coming

  2. RANDALL says

    Can’t wait to make these. They look scrumptious. Going to make a chili cheese dog doing Low carb and these should fit that nicely.

  3. Kelly says

    I’m eating enchiladas made with these wraps right now. They are fabulous. I think i’ll make another batch tommorrow. Delicious!!

  4. Patricia R. says

    Just made these tonight and they were perfect! I can definitely see making more for the freezer. I do plan to package up the dry ingredients to make it easier to make in a hurry. I have not tried any other wrap but with this recipe, there is no need to. They are tasty and quite foldable. Can’t wait to try the dumplings in chicken soup next. Good job Kelly!

  5. Laura says

    I really want to try this recipe it sounds like just the perfect diy alternativ to store bought wraps!! I just want to ask about the Tapioca flour…hav u tried any other flours for this that worked?

  6. Carolyn Baeta says

    I made these today for the first time and they are absolutely fabulous! I will definitely be making them again. I didn’t have anything to grind my sesame seeds so I just used more Tapioca Flour and they turned out great. Thank you for the great recipe!

  7. says

    Thank you so much for this delightful recipe! I used themto makemy chicken, bacon, cream cheese taquitos and homemade chicken enchiladas and they were a huge hit! This is, hands down, the best recipe I have tried so far!!!

  8. Nads says

    I am def making some of these this week. I’ve been eating primally for the last 6 weeks and my kids are mostly on board, it’s jut the lunches, they have wraps every day with different good meats veges etc in them, but now that I have found these, they will almost be all primal too! God knows they behave like cavemen most of the time!!!

  9. John-Mark says

    What heat level did you cook these on? There is no indication in the recipe that you ever turned the stove on at all ….

    Sorry to have to ask for guidance, but I would like to try and get it right the first time.


    • says

      Hi Lisa, Honestly, they don’t last long enough in our house. I don’t see why they would not freeze well because eggs and tapioca seem to work great in make ahead meals.

  10. says

    I tried the recipe for the creeps and they tasted great, but I burned the last two. I used the eggs at room temperature, will try them again as they tasted wonderful.

  11. Staci says

    I made these this weekend for Taco’s and they were very good!! You can switch up the flavor of them easily with fresh herbs! I was able to make 4 tortilla’s out of this batch. I would double the batch next time and freeze them! Enjoy!

  12. Joanne says

    I made the wraps today and they tasted great. But my mixture was very thick and I only got three. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong?

    • says

      Hrmm . I’ve found that egg size isn’t standard. Were you using pastured eggs? They tend to run on the small size and would affect the “liquid” measurement to do this correctly.

  13. Kim says

    I want to thank you for this fantastic recipe! My husband has agreed to go down this new paleo path with me and I have struggled to find breads that he will eat (most smell funny to him – they smell like nuts but what can you do with this guy?). So when I made these wraps I cautiously waited for the verdict – and he loved them! I’ll be making these all the time from now on – thanks a bunch!

  14. Kate says

    These are fantastic, I just made them and my 5 yr old loved them.
    She starts school this year so I’m wondering how well they keep? Will they go hard if I keep a batch in the fridge? Or are they best to be kept out in the pantry?

  15. Melody says

    Hi! I realize that you said that these do not last long at your house,but I was wondering if they could be stored at room temperature. I have an out of time business meeting next week and these would be helpful to have on hand to help with the meals.

  16. Toni says

    I stupidly purchased arrowroot flour instead of the tapioca flour called for in the wraps (from the recipe in the Paleo Eats cookbook). With the rest of the ingredients already in the bowl, I figured – what the heck – I’ll just give it a try with the arrowroot flour. The wraps turned out wonderfully, but I promise to get some tapioca flour and make them as directed. Still, it’s good to know that the arrowroot can be used in a pinched. These wraps are very good, and I’m so pleased to finally have a good wrap recipe. They’re not only tasty, but the texture is lovely and they are both sturdy and pliable. Wraps are so versatile, and can be used in so many different ways in paleo cuisine. I just spread a little butter and maple syrup on a warm one … and called it dessert! Thanks for the great cookbook.

  17. Fiona says

    Have scanned through all old comments so sorry if already asked.
    Do these work as a cold wrap for sandwiches? Looking for something my daughter can take to school. She is doing quite well with not needing a sandwich/wrap daily but know she likes them and it will help her with the changes we have made to diet.
    many thanks


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