Weight Loss Girl #7: Diet

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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

Day 12 on my sugar-free diet and I'm really finding my energy coming back.  Knock on wood, I haven't felt this good in almost 2 years.  Right before I got pregnant I was in the best shape of my life and my pregnancy was straight up awful and the hormones and craziness just didn't stop after I gave birth.  Anyhow, that's another story.  So much better moods, my skin is clearing up and I HAVE MORE ENERGY. I'm not naïve that I don't think that sleeping more doesn't also play into this.

Day 12 on my sugar-free diet and I’m really finding my energy coming back.  Knock on wood, I haven’t felt this good in almost 2 years.  Right before I got pregnant I was in the best shape of my life and my pregnancy was straight up awful and the hormones and craziness just didn’t stop after I gave birth.  Anyhow, that’s another story.  So much better moods, my skin is clearing up and I HAVE MORE ENERGY. I’m not naïve that I don’t think that sleeping more doesn’t also play into this.

So I’ve briefly mentioned my diet.  I do not eat grains or legumes.  ALL grains – wheat, rice, corn,  (ok, I cheat now and then and have corn), oats, beans or peanuts.   I used to eat loads of peanuts  but I’m finding more and more that I have a nut and Peanut (a legume) allergy.   I do eat seeds – pumpkin seeds, sesame seed, sunflowers seeds, etc.  I eat meat, veggies, fruit (low sugar), dairy and fat.  Yes, I consider fat a food group and I eat loads of it.   Before you start thinking my cholesterol has to be out of control, my latest blood tests showed my cholesterol is normal.  There’s a lot of misinformation about saturated fat that is now coming to light that shows it has gotten a bad rap.

Anyhow, I love my diet.   I’d rather keep eating this way and not lose another pound than change my diet.   I know that I need start tracking my food as I’ve managed to eat out too many times this week. Also several bags of sweet potato and corn chips have found their way into my cupboard.

Regarding exercise, I’ve managed to walk 5 days a week and just started doing body weight exercises from the site SimpleFit.  Ok, I have tried to sign up for the forum so I can track my progress and I seriously can not figure out the spam question – Chicken, Fish or Fowl?  I’ve put “food” and “Meat” and no go.  I’m not sure if I’m having a Kelly moment or what.  Anyhow, I started doing the body weight training exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’m sore but loving it and I can make funny faces at the Little while I’m doing it so he is entertained and I can finish.

Now let’s see if I can pull it all together and get to my goal by my birthday! If anyone wants to clue me in on the spam question for Simplefit, I would appreciate it!

19 thoughts on “Weight Loss Girl #7: Diet”

  1. I hear you on those pregnancy hormones! It’s INSANE! Some of them followed me post-pregnancy! I may have to check out the site you recommended for workouts. Keep workin’ mama!!

  2. Wow no grains? I’d be crazy and likely dead.lol I’m hypoglycemic I’m glad you are feeling so great. :O) Keep it up

  3. So glad you were able to get exercising this week! Great job!
    I’d say chicken and fowl are both bird related words, so maybe you type fish since it’s different? That is odd for sure! LOL!

    • It’s strange because if you had asked me if I would ever give up grains 4 years ago, I would have said HECK NO! But, I really don’t miss bread or rice or oatmeal, etc. I really prefer eating this way.

  4. I need that little bit of sugar in my diet because I have low sugar. But most times I can get it from natural fruits and juices! Way to go gal you are doing so well and best wishes to make it by your birthday! :o)

  5. What was the answer to that question? I was going to suggest just typing in “Chicken” or “fish.”

    For exercise, consider purchasing a light kettlebell. It’ll be more versatile than just body weight exercises. The one exercise I recommend over any other are kettlebell swings which work your legs, core, cardio, and arms. They’re awesome.

    Keep it going and hope you reach your goals!

    • It was “Fowl”. I seriously tried 10 times and I did the happy dance when I finally got it. Also, I have 2 kettlebells, and while I love them. I am just so out of shape from not moving a foot while I was pregnant. Once, I’ve built up a little more endurance, I’ll start swinging again.

  6. You know I love your diet. We are not totally grain free here, but I’d love to be. We are gluten free. And i totally agree with you about fats. Good fats are important. We love coconut oil, I’m guessing you do too. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi – I have also been doing no grains and no sugar and no legumes…as per the 21-day sugar detox. I am on the final week. Other than being very irritable the first 3 days, it’s been very easy for me to stick to. And I have found that I just don’t get hungry…sometimes I even skip dinner in favor of a light snack (like a boiled egg). I’ve lost 7 pounds so far.

    But I found immediately that dairy does not agree with me (heartburn), so have pretty much cut out dairy, too, other than occasional kefir as a salad dressing ingredient or a little parmesan for seasoning.

    When you say you are finding more and more than you have a peanut/legume allergy, what exactly are you finding that indicates this allergy? Curious, because I do plan to add them back for occasional protein sources.

    One thing I noticed right away from cutting grains/sugar was that I no longer felt bloated. I have been researching paleo recipes and plan to continue an 80% paleo diet after my sugar detox.

    • Hi Rebeca. Congrats on your sugar detox! Unfortunately, I’ve had to introduce sugar in the form of cold medicine back into my diet temporarily as I deal with a cold. I have a reaction on my hands when I eat nuts – my skin breaks out and won’t heal. When I’m nut free, then my hands go back to healthy normal skin. They also itch like crazy when I eat nuts. Y

      Yep, the first thing I noticed when I cut grains/legumes from my diet was no bloating and, hrmm. gas. Great job on the weight loss also!

      • Thanks about the weight loss – this is actually huge for me because after 40 it seems NOTHING I do works. I’m very motivated to stay, and I find the diet very easy to follow.

        Sorry about the cold…that sucks! But the cold won’t last forever…I have a bizarre cold remedy, told to me years ago by a yoga instructor and shared with many friends much to their delight and relief (it does have sugar, but not refined). Steep diced ginger root, cayenne, and smashed garlic into HOT orange juice for about 10 minutes, then strain. The spiciness opens your sinus, and of course it’s a nice jolt of vitamin C…plus garlic and ginger have natural antibiotic powers.

        Oh, hey “Chicken, fish or fowl?” Is a way of saying “What is chicken: fish or fowl?” so the answer is fowl. I just tested my hypothesis on the site, and it worked! (I think the creators might be British, as this seems a British-ish way of asking.)

        • That remedy sounds yummy and would probably make a good marinade 🙂 I love eating this way and as you’ve seen, it’s “easy” to lose weight. I have reached a plateau and have 20 – 30lbs to go before I hit my goal. Do you have a fitness goal?

          • That’s a good question (fitness goal). My weight loss goal is to get down to my 2006 weight…I have 28 more pounds to go!

            As far as fitness goals, I have been reading this wonderful and inspirational book called Younger Next Year for Women. You’re not quite at the over 40 mark…this book is aimed at me and older. It basically compiles oodles of convincing research to show that being active is the single most important thing you can do to combat the ravages of aging…I have never been a very active person, so I am trying to find my “something” that I enjoy…I tried Tai Chi this month and it’s just not enough sweating. I think I will try a dance class next.

            For the time being, I have a fitbit and link up the data from it to a site called HealthMonth to track my goals. For March and April my goal was to hit 10,000 steps, 5x a week (which involves a purposeful 2- to 3-mile walk, five nights a week, depending on how active I was during my daily routine). This month I began to incorporate weights (a kettle bell routine that I am doing 3x week). Trying to come up with a new goal for May. Basically I want to be doing SOMETHING active for at least 1/2 an hour (but prefer an hour) 6x a week.

            Ultimately I would like to run a 5k again, which I haven’t done since 2006. I can tell I am too heavy to really run right now (my joints can’t take it), so losing more weight is essential before I start training in that direction.

            I will be following you and maybe we can motivate each other! Thanks for sharing your journey!!

          • Rebeca, I love your goals! I’ve been thinking about signing up for 3K walks and will try to get 2 or 3 done this summer. I’ve never heard of the fitbit so I’ll check that out. I’d love to help motivate you on your journey and I always appreciate support on my own. Have a good one!

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