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Paleo Chicken Fajitas Burgers

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020

paleo chicken fajita burgers

There is just something about the ceremony of getting Chicken Fajitas at a Mexican restaurant.  The loud sizzling hot pan and the cloud of smoke just make what really is  a simple meal of spiced chicken, onions and bell pepper,  into an event.   I won’t even wax poetic about not having to cook or clean up the dishes, which really is the big bonus for me.

So I got creative and came up with a fun Paleo Chicken Fajitas Burger recipe and am sharing it over at my friends Heather’s blog Mommypotumus.   Click here to get the recipe!


Monday 9th of June 2014

I don't know what looks more delicious, the burger or the fries! I'm with you - fajitas always SOUND so good :)

Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

Sunday 8th of June 2014

This sounds absolutely amazing! My mouth is watering!


Sunday 8th of June 2014

This looks really yummy -- as do those sweet potato fries mmm

Jennifer H

Sunday 8th of June 2014

That sounds like all kinds of yummy!


Sunday 8th of June 2014

I've never had a fajita burger before but yours look so tasty and delicious!