Easy Homemade Vegan Butter that is Spreadable

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Last Updated on February 21, 2024

Making homemade butter was never easier. Learn how to make vegan butter that is spreadable and tastes like the butter you use to eat without any chemical ingredients found in store bought brands.

homemade vegan butter on a plate with biscuits in the background

Vegan butter is delicious. It’s one of my favorite vegan recipes that I’ve been able to create on my own. If you’re looking for a plant based butter that is dairy free and full of flavor, you’re going to love this delicious vegan butter spread. It’s simple, delicious, and still has a hint of that butter flavor!

What is vegan butter made of?

It can all depend on the homemade vegan butter recipe but this recipe is made using cocoa butter, palm shortening, and coconut oil. That’s it. This just might be one of the easiest vegan butter to make, ever.

Is vegan butter healthy?

When you’re eating anything that is plant based, it’s going to have less saturated fat and be a better overall choice for your health.

Many people consider vegan butter as a real butter alternative because it’s an easy recipe that spread like real butter and also beats any of the other store bought butter alternatives. (I’m talking Country Crock, margarine, and anything else you might find at the grocery store. If you are going to buy a premade vegan butter spread, Earth Balance makes a pretty good one that they sell at the store.)

Does vegan butter need to be refrigerated?

Once you make this vegan butter, it’s best to keep it in the fridge. Even though it’s dairy free, the added virgin coconut oil and other ingredients in this buttery spread will set up and do better when placed in the fridge.

Does vegan butter taste good?

It does! Since I’m the recipe developer, I can say that! But others who have tried homemade vegan butter have agreed that it tastes just like dairy butter does. Vegan butters tend to be creamy and delicious and taste great on toast or any other recipes that require butter as an ingredient.

I love butter with a passion so I’m not kidding when I say we go through 10 – 15 lbs of it a month. I actually prefer vegan butter to other regular butter or margarine that are on the market because I just think that it has a much better flavor and taste.

I think that once you decide that you want to make this non dairy plant based butter, you just might find that this is one of your favorite homemade vegan butter recipes.

What exactly does vegan butter taste like?

Lightly sweet creamy deliciousness is the only way I can describe this vegan butter recipe. This plant based butter is made using virgin coconut oil so it gives it a slightly sweetened taste.

You can always use other oils like avocado oil, canola oil, and avocado oil as well and that can change up the taste and flavor of this vegan spread.

 I got really really close to the taste and texture (come on nothing is the same as real grass-fed butter)of real dairy butter so if you can’t enjoy the dairy version this will help you get your fix.

Why switch to vegan butter?

There are a lot of different reasons that people start to make their own homemade vegan butter. Some people find that regular butter doesn’t sit well with them because of the ingredients that butter has.

I have a friend who has to be dairy free due to allergies, and she was sharing how she was dreaming up a vegan butter recipe with a friend. She spoke of avocado oil and olive oil and it just got my cooking gears spinning.  Because of her need for living a dairy free life, this homemade vegan butter was developed and created.

Have I mentioned that vegan butters are wonderful? I’m actually still in shock of how much this plant based butter is really like regular butter. It has the same texture as regular butter, spreads the same on toast, works the same when using to make baked goods, and makes some killer cookies, too.

I also love that this homemade vegan butter stays solid in the fridge and softens when left out so you can easily spread it.

vegan butter recipe

Lightly sweet creamy deliciousness is the only way I can describe it.  It doesn’t taste like avocados to me so  this oil is not in this creation.

 I got really really close to the taste and texture (come on nothing is the same as real grass-fed butter) so if you can’t enjoy the dairy version this will help you get your fix.

It stays solid in the fridge and softens when left out so you can easily spread it.   You will want to store this in the fridge.

vegan butter recipe

Ingredients found in this Homemade Vegan Butter

How to Make Plant Based Butter

All you have to do to make this plant based vegan butter is to follow the simple directions listed below.

  1. Place a large glass measuring cup in a warm water bath. 
  2. Melt and measure the oils and place them in the glass measuring cup. 
  3. Whisk to combine and pour into a non-stick container. 
  4. Chill until solid. Enjoy! 

Why use coconut oil in this plant based vegan spread?

You can change up the oils if you want, but I love the flavor that virgin coconut oil gives it. (You can also use refined coconut oil as well.)

The addition of coconut oil is what makes this one of the best vegan recipes, in my opinion. Since this recipe is dairy free, the coconut oil gives it a sweet taste that you just won’t find in margarine or other butter recipes.

Tips For Making Great Vegan Recipes (from a recipe developer!)

Even though I’m all about this vegan butter recipe, don’t forget that you can easily make other great vegan recipes, too. Make sure that you use ingredients that are vegan-friendly and ones that you can keep stocked in your kitchen as well.

Be open to new vegan recipes (just like I was butter alternative) and make changes to the recipe card as you see fit. I’m a firm believer that anything you make at home is going to be way better than items at the grocery stores. Store bought doesn’t compare to homemade recipes, ever.

Stock your pantry with non-dairy milk and other dairy free baking items so that you can make recipes like this butter vegan dish anytime you want.

Last, but not least, make sure to try a new vegan recipe weekly. You’ll be amazed at how your taste buds will actually start to crave non-dairy recipes, like this vegan butter.

If you’re ready to forget about a store bought product and concentrate on how you can make your own butter alternative at home, get ready to fall in love with the ease of this recipe. With a prep time of fewer than 5 minutes, it’s no wonder that this butter vegan recipe has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of fun flavors and tastes!

Forget margarine even exists and create this delicious vegan butter instead!

Besides toast, what else would you spread this vegan butter recipe on?

vegan butter recipe
Yield: 20

How to make Vegan Butter

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes

Spreadable and lightly sweet, this homemade vegan butter is delicious on toast.


  1. Place a large glass measuring cup in a warm water bath.
  2. Melt and measure the oils and place in the glass measuring cup.
  3. Whisk to combine and pour into a non stick container.
  4. Chill until solid. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 133Total Fat: 15gSaturated Fat: 10gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 4gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 0mgCarbohydrates: 0gNet Carbohydrates: 0gFiber: 0gSugar: 0gSugar Alcohols: 0gProtein: 0g

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32 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Vegan Butter that is Spreadable”

  1. That looks absolutely delicious. I didn’t even like real butter until I was in my 30s and now I can’t get enough of it. Probably TOO much – so I think I’m going to try this. All the buttery goodness – less of the health guilt. Love it!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a recipe that I needed. This is much cheaper than buying Earth Balance all of the time. Like your friend, I have realized that I have strong dairy sensitivity. I stopped drinking milk and using butter eons ago, yet it’s hard to escape from those ingredients since they’re about in everything, mostly processed food. Since I don’t eat meat, it would be very easy for me to transition from a vegetarian to vegan diet. I have been buying and stocking up on a lot of vegan friendly foods lately, and I have been noticing a major difference in my skin and energy.

  3. I love coming here and seeing posts that make me go no way did she just create ….! This is so one of those posts! How amazing and I need to try this. With all of my baking and bread eating we go through 10-20 lbs. of butter a month and I would like an alternative to try.

  4. Although this may be a great solution for people that have dairy issues, those of you thinking that it’s a healthy alternative may want to do the math. 1 cup of palm shortening contains 1808 calories. 1/4 cup expelled pressed coconut oil contains 480 calories. 2 tablespoons cocoa butter contains 240 calories for a total 22 liquid tablespoons (not sure about the difference once its chilled) equaling 114.9 calories per tablespoon. The average american butter contains 102 calories per tablespoon. Not a huge deal but not exactly a health alternative calorie wise.

    • Butter is healthy and so are the saturated fats in this recipe. Look into low carb high fat diets and Google “The Fat Revolution”. If your body is using fat as an energy source, you will lose weight instead of gaining, regardless of calorie count and sat fat is no longer seriously considered a cause of inflammation and heart disease (excess carbs and highly processed veggie oils are a few of the culprits here).

    • This looks good! I’m dairy intolerant and have been using unrefined coconut oil with a grinding of himalayan salt on my home made spelt bread. Any reason why you didn’t include any rock salr?

      I would love to try this but hard to find palm shortening in South Australia.

  5. If you whip this vegan butter in a mixer with a small amount of oil, it will expand the volume and that will decrees the calorie content of each tablespoon. Works great if you only use it as a spread.


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